The Great-3 challenge is now complete and the winners decided. We have also now deactivated the post-challenge leaderboards, so no more submissions can be made at all.

Challenge Data Sets

Below are links to download the currently available data. The files are hosted in Manchester, UK.

Please report any problems downloading the datasets to or post an issue at github.

Description of file format here

Please sign up to the great3-participants mailing list for regular updates on challenge status and to receive notification of any changes in the data.

For details about the properties of the different leader boards, see their individual pages.

Those who wish to use the deep fields for the variable PSF or full branches will find that the galaxy catalog files for the deep fields in those branches are missing some important information. To get that missing information, users should also download the supplementary files at the bottom of this page, which can be unpacked to get the galaxy catalogs for deep fields with all the necessary information.

Other Great3 Data Files

Galaxy Training Samples