The Great-3 challenge is now complete and the winners decided. We have also now deactivated the post-challenge leaderboards, so no more submissions can be made at all.

Overall Leaderboard

Name Notes Score Number of entries
Amalgam@IAP Some fellows developing software based around SExtractor and PSFex for real-life shape measurements. 80000 215
BAMPenn Bernstein, Armstrong & March, University of Pennsylvania. 0 8
CEA-EPFL The team wants to investigate if we could improve shear estimation by combining gfit with sparse representation methods. 72000 340
CEA_denoise Moment correction on denoised images. 0 25
CMU experimenters This is a team for Rachel Mandelbaum's group at CMU to experiment with some crazy ideas that probably won't work, but are kind of fun to think about. * 4
COGS Capitalizing On Gravitational Shear Team based primarily at University of Manchester and University College London, and lead by Sarah Bridle. Most entries will use the im3shape code described in * 38
DeepZot Team members: Daniel Margala and David Kirkby at UC Irvine 0 0
E-HOLICs E-HOLICs method is developed for aim of precise and fast shear analysis. E-HOLICs method is moment method like KSB method , but use elliptical weight function for avoiding one of systematic errors. 3000 58
EPFL_HNN Hopfield Neural Network 0 32
EPFL_KSB From quadrupole moments to shear, based on the KSBf90 (Heyamans et al. 2005). 0 39
EPFL_MLP_FIT multilayer perceptron, fitted data as input 0 1
EPFL_gfit Using the gfit shear measurement method, testing how far one can go by using forward model fitting + new approaches for bias calibration 24000 124
EPFL_lensfit Testing a multi-processor version of lensfit 7.2 (Miller et al., 2007, Kitching et al., 2008) 0 0
FDNT Fourier Domain Null Test method (Bernstein 2010) with additional m+c bias calibration * 36
Fourier_Quad Our team uses the quadrupole moments of the spectral density of galaxy images in Fourier space to measure shear. 32000 36
GREAT3_EC GREAT3 executive committee - submissions using example scripts. * 10
HSC/LSST-HSM A sanity check of the bookkeeping in the obs_great3 package written to allow HSC/LSST pipeline algorithms to be run on the GREAT3 simulations, using an old implementation of the HSM code. * 4
MBI Team members:Lang CMU, Hogg NYU, Schneider LLNL, Dawson LLNL, Bard SLAC, Marshall SLAC, Meyers Stanford, Boutigny SLAC 1000 51
MaltaOx Malta-Oxford GREAT3 team. We aim to test shear measurement by likelihood fits to individual galaxies, using lensfit, and without using simulations to calibrate bias. 3001 15
MegaLUT Evolutions of the MegaLUT technique : how far can we go with SExtractor + Machine Learning ? 52000 234
MetaCalibration This team is testing how well we can extract the shear response by shearing the images themselves, and modifying the psf accordingly. * 3
Wentao Luo A modified method based on both BJ02(Bernstein & Jarvis 2002) and HS03(Hirata & Seljak 2003). 0 25
ess Various pipelines by Erin S. Sheldon 0 13
miyatake-test Test for GREAT3 data by the HSC pipeline. * 4
sFIT Modified DLS stackfit algorithm 80001 162